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CEDAR is the professional manufacturer and R&D center, specializing in providing high quality Fishing Gears, nail fastening products for concrete, masonry and steel. We are the OEM / ODM manufacturer and exporter of Fishing Reels for the top sellers in Japanese, USA, Brazil and Russia customers. Cedar is the sale agent for the manufacturer of Lithium Battery Cathode Material and Aluminum Products.
The main products for our export:
Fishing Gears: 
DAIWA and Abu Garcia styles of Fishing Reel, Fishing Rod and Fishing Tackie.

Direct Fastening System: HILTI style concrete nail gun, nails and fasteners, made in China or imported from Europe.
Li-Battery Materials: Lithium Battery Cathode Material, ECM523, ECM622, ECM811, NCA
Plastic Products: Plastic Bags, Films / Strech Films in materials of HDPE / LDPE, PP, EVA
Aluminum Extrusion Profiles: for Window & Door, Solar Panel Frame, Furniture and Insustrial Use

Drywall Tools: professional drywall stilts,drywall bench,drywall dolly and other relative drywall tools.
With over 15 years’ experience in manufacturing and distributing a wide variety of consumer and industrial products, CEDAR  knows how to get top-quality products at competitive prices. We stand behind everything we do with an unwavering commitment to our customers.
Production Capability: 
Fishing Reels:                         2,000,000 PCS / Year
Power Loads / Cartridges:       1,200,000,000 Pcs / Year
Drive Pins / Nails:                       600,000,000 Pcs / Year
Powder Actuated Tools:              200,000 Pcs / Year
Li-Battery Materials:                    200,000 Mt / Year